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Restarting Safe Rowing

Jesse Loynes
The Government, British Rowing, The Conservancy, MDL and the RNLI have given guidance that we can row. As one of the first sports to be allowed to resume we have responsibility to ensure that our sport is conducted in a safe and accountable manner. Full observance to the provisions to all that we outline below is crucial.

1) Only as single sculling (1x) Individuals -with buddy boat, or in boats rowing from a single household.  
2) Plan outings to ensure Government Guidance and DRC Outing Planning is met.
3) Book on Nabble before travelling to Northney ensuring only one household or one other person with whom you are sculling will be launching with you. You should be confident in your buddy's capsize and recovery as well as your own. Consider wind, tide, temperature and daylight. To give others opportunity, arrange rows to finish or start around high tide.
4) On arrival, check site for other users. Wash hands with soap and water, wash equipment with soap and water and launch promptly ensuring 2m distancing with those not in your household. (If other users are onsite allow them to launch/recover and clean and clear the area before proceeding.)
5) Sign out with own pen giving destination and duration- deposit pin money online.
6) Enjoy your row - maintaining a safe outing.
7) On return, return kit, wash all items with soap and water, tick back in and clear site promptly.

Please bring washing up liquid in addition to your safety bag with Phillips screwdriver, rigger jiggers, communication device and first aid kit. Whilst this will all be available at the compound to avoid contamination it would be best to bring your own.

We are not in a position to be able to outline how this will expand in the future as we are unable to predict when social distancing can be relaxed to the degree that crew boats are permitted.
As always, the four-oar rule is in place with current water temperatures and you should have completed the capsize and swim test.
All Juniors must be accompanied on the bank by an adult from their household and on water by an experienced club member.
We know single sculling is not currently something all members feel safe doing.  Releasing Potential has been working hard on buildings and storage at the green compound, but this is not open to us yet. Please sign keys out at the Marina Building maintaining their social distancing rules and returning the key whilst you are out on the water.
We accept that it is not possible for our sport to reduce risk of the spread of this coronavirus entirely. However, the basis for returning to rowing activities, in line with Government recommendations, will be to extend this risk assessment process so that equal priority is now given to minimising the risk of transmission of this coronavirus: Akin to what you may be experiencing in the supermarkets, in order to maintain social distancing at the Club:
You MUST book a slot on nabble, even in your own boats for club insurance and safe distancing. You can book up to TWO people at any one time in 30 min increments within the high tide slots
We will not be running club training sessions as such, in line with advice from British Rowing. However, it is important that we keep records of attendance at the Club both to help ensure social distancing can be maintained. Crucially, in the unfortunate event of an occurrence of the virus being diagnosed in one of the club attendees, the attendance records will help with contact tracing.
If the boat park, slipway or the boat washing area is busy when you return, stay away (on the water if appropriate) and please stay calm and civil.
Two people only on the slip way - TWO people (or household) only - boat washing in the compound ● Please avoid boating in inclement weather to minimise the risk.  
Prevent contamination ● You MUST have spare kit and YOUR OWN HAND TOWEL and Washing up liquid with you. ● You MUST clean everything you touch, before and after use. ● You MUST Wash your hands properly and always dry them. Disinfect your hands, the keys/padlock/boat seat/oar handles/… whatever you touch. Get boat on trestles and disinfect gates, foot-stretcher thumb-nuts, seat, riggers, whatever you touch. Enjoy your outing 😊. And then the same in reverse:

Our club boats are four grey club sculls, two with outriggers and one quad. Please be considerate to other harbour users – anglers, canoeists, other rowers – all of whom have been denied access just as you have over the past 8 weeks or so. ● Remember birds may be with their young in their primary habitat along the banks or nesting. It is an offence to disturb them. We hope that this is the road to recovery. Kind regards, Club Committee Dolphin Rowing Club.